Fishing for a New Generation

Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization under the tax-exempt code, and headquartered in Summerland Key Florida. The mission of the Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation is to honor Jose’s legacy by matching his passion for conservation, education, and making fishing dreams come true.

“The Spanish Fly Spirit lives in all of us.”

Save the Date: 10th Annual Fish For Jose Backyard Dinner 2025!

Join us for the 10th Annual Fish for Jose Fundraiser, a special event hosted by the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation. This milestone celebration honors the legacy of legendary angler and conservationist Jose Wejebe, while supporting the foundation’s mission to make a difference in the lives of others through fishing, education, and community outreach. Live Auction, Silent Auction & Raffle: Bid on exclusive fishing gear, trips, and memorabilia, and enter raffles for a chance to win amazing prizes. Guest Speakers: Hear inspiring stories from Foundation Recipients and from friends of Jose Wejebe. Open Bar Dinner & Entertainment: Indulge in a delicious dinner and enjoy live music and entertainment throughout the evening. The Fish for Jose Fundraiser is more than just an event. It’s a celebration of Jose’s passion for fishing and his dedication to giving back. All proceeds from the event will go towards the foundation’s programs, including providing fishing trips for those in need, supporting marine conservation efforts, and offering educational opportunities to inspire the next generation of anglers.

What An Incredible Night!

Wow, what an incredible night at our 9th Annual Fish For Jose Backyard Dinner Party! We are truly overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing turnout and support we received. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who helped make this event a resounding success.

Wyatt Family Fishing Dream Comes True

“The Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation has been such a blessing to our family. After Bode was diagnosed with Leukemia in April 2022, life has been topsy turvy to say the least ... When Krissy reached out and offered us this trip, it was met with excitement, relief, and nervousness. The fear of planning something more than a day in advance is real, but Krissy assured us that we would have an amazing time and she would be able to work around our needs.”

VanKleek Family Fishing Dream Comes True

In January of 2023, Virgil VanKleek was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of childhood cancer, at only 14 months old. “Our family was crippled last year. Wounded very badly by cancer and the myriad of complications associated with its punches. Despite a tremendous victory in Virgil ringing his end of treatment bell, declaring he struck back and defeated cancer, our family had not healed,” his mother Amanda shared.

Robert Avery

Our family bonded on this trip. My kids talked about how much fun they had, and my wife and I got closer. She teared up after the trip and said we are in a good space right now, and it feels great. It was heartwarming. To the sponsors of the Jose Wejebe Foundation, Thank you as well. Your donations could save a Veteran’s Life. Being out on that water fishing was so therapeutic.

Pink Ladies Fishing Dream Comes True

This summer we hosted our second women’s only trip with the Pink Ladies Fishing Team. Carolyn, (undergoing treatment for breast cancer), along with her friends Tonya and Gina drove down from Pompano Beach. Aside from a great time on the water with these ladies we made a genuine connection which I believe will grow and benefit the foundations future.

November 17, 2012
JWF granted Tyler Murdoch’s wish

“I will never forget all the fish I watched, or what it feels like to be talked through a 45 minute battle with a sailfish, never forgetting to release the catch as Jose did thousands of times on Spanish Fly.”

January 8, 2013
JWF granted Tommy Fay’s wish
“I am thankful for the opportunity to experience many of the things that Jose Wejebe did.  I know that he was with us in spirit, and that he also had a great time!”

March 25, 2013
JWF granted Michael Lamore’s wish
“I close my eyes and I see Michael with the smile that warms my heart from those days deep sea fishing, and being given a wonderful opportunity – a gift of love from Jose Wejebe’s Memorial Foundation.”-Debbie Daily, Michael’s grandmother.

April 1, 2013
JWF granted Bradley Hoffman’s wish
“This was the best trip of my life, the combination of the environment, gifts, people, and the fun I had will make me never forget this vacation.”

June 6, 2013
JWF granted Alex Pickett’s wish
“This has been a long year, but when we were on our trip things could slow down.  We could enjoy the water, and not have to worry about the reality that was left at the dock.”

June 17, 2013
JWF granted Michael Murran’s wish
“We were blown away by all the fishing gear, clothes, hats, and amazing sunglasses for each of us. But we were also blown away by the motivation of everyone involved. This experience has taught us that sometimes people do amazing things, expecting nothing in return.”

June 24, 2013
JWF granted Ryan Zaiontz’s wish
“Thank you so much for the awesome fishing trip. Everything about my trip was amazing, especially the fishing. I had never been deep sea-fishing it was an experience I will never forget.  My whole family had a blast. I would like to thank the Jose Wejebe Foundation for allowing me and my family the best vacation ever!!!!”

December 17, 2013
JWF makes Veterans Diego, Ruben, Dave, and Deoraj fishing dream come true
“I instantly forgot everything negative that was on my mind felt a peace (SAFE). As these heaven sent people interacted with me I felt for the first time in many years’ peace, excitement and safe.”

January 5, 2014
JWF granted Chase Collier’s wish
“Wow…not even sure where to start.  A mere thank you doesn’t seem sufficient.  I’ve never had the opportunity to catch the variety of fish that we caught on that day.  Being able to see the sailfish and sharks up close was something that I’ll never forget.”

Alex Picket
“We are forever grateful for their generosity. We will NEVER forget our trip!”

Bradley Hoffman
“This was the best trip of my life, the combination of the environment, the people and the fun I had will make me never forget this vacation.”
Chase Collier
“I’ve never had the opportunity to catch the variety of fish that we caught on that day. Being able to see the sailfish and sharks up close was something that I’ll never forget. One year ago while being treated at St. Jude’s in Memphis, I never would have guessed that I would get to have these experiences. The trip was all that I could’ve hoped for and then some.”

Michael Lamore’s Mother Debbi
“The community not only opened their doors to Michael, but their arms and their hearts! Thank you for all the excitement, and happiness of life, most of all the Adventure of the Keys, and three days of unbelievable deep sea fishing.”

“With ALL my heart I thank the Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation. His true need to share with the world his strength, his courage. His understanding of the very simply genuine, kind, caring, and fun people in the world willing to reach out their hand to help another.”

Ryan Zaiontz
“Thank you so much for the awesome fishing trip. Everything about my trip was amazing, especially the fishing. I had never been deep sea-fishing, and it was an experience I will never forget.”
Tommy Fay
“Without the generosity of all of my new friends, I would not have so many great memories and stories to tell. I am thankful for the opportunity to experience many of the things that Jose Wejebe did. I know that he was with us in spirit, and that he also had a great time! I will remember every exciting minute of my adventure and will keep these memories with me every day!”
Tyler Murdoch
“I will never forget all the fish I watched, in the clear blue water, take my bait, or the what it feels like to be talked through a 45 minute battle for a sailfish, never forgetting to release the catch as you did thousands of times on Spanish Fly.”
Caleb Dobbins Mom Lyndsey
“This trip first time Caleb was able to see what it was like to pack a suitcase for a vacation and not another stay at the hospital. To see him happy and thriving enjoying life to the absolute fullest is something I will never be able to say thank you enough for. The fact that we were able to do this as a family just made it that much more incredible, because having a child with special needs and who is medically complex doesn’t just affect the child, but also the whole family especially the siblings. The entire foundation gave us something money can’t buy. They reminded us we are a family, strong and courageous and together we can endure the greatest mountain. Grateful is an understatement for sure.”
Wesley House
“Thank you to the Foundation and all that is done for these children. For some, this is an experience they may never have again in their life. For others, this is opportunity to see there is so much more to their lives than the sadness the have experienced. That they CAN have a different, better life. This program does so much for each child.”
Christian Waymire’s dad Tim
“The cool ocean breeze, the sea life right beneath us, the fish that we caught all led to a peaceful serenity in our souls and most importantly in Christian’s heart! As I am typing this, it is difficult to hold back the tears of joy, we truly feel blessed to have had this experience. I know that Jose is smiling down from heaven right now and that his heart is bursting with love and grace for the work that his daughter has continued in his memory. My family and I feel so very fortunate to have been introduced to this wonderful organization.”
Darrell Bolt’s Mom Amanda
“Darrell case is unfortunately terminal. With the help of The Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation and the kindness of his doctors, we have done everything Darrell wanted to do. We have been blessed by all the people that have stepped up and made this the best time of his life.”
Du US Navy Veteran
“An unimaginable, unbelievable trip that has uplifted my spirit of life, that is all worthy to live, enjoy and help others as fellow human beings!”
Joey US Army Veteran
“Had the best fishing experience of my life. Great organization along with fellow veterans who also took part. Krissy and the guides really took care of us and showed us an awesome time. Thank you!!”
Thomas US Marine Veteran
“I had an amazing time in Key West while fishing on the Spanish Fly. The hospitality was great, the house was awesome, and the fish we caught were delicious! This trip really helped me rekindle a passion for something I haven’t done in over a decade. Didn’t know who Jose Wejebe was before the trip, but I can see now that he was the Michael Jordan of fishing.”
Brandon US Marine Veteran
“Sea Sick was an understatement, but the time of my life is what came out of it.”
Karen US Marine Veteran
“What an honor and privilege to be part of an amazing foundation with fellow kindred souls with a common passion for life. Truly an experience I shall always treasure as a commitment to a person that left behind an admirable legacy. Jose was a true inspiration for many of us struggling to reconnect and the Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation has remained true to his wishes to continue inspiring people around the globe. I am forever grateful to the Foundation for their dedication and continued devotion to provide support to those in need.”
Jake Paul
“It was the trip of a lifetime, that’s for sure. It made all my dreams come true, lifted my spirits and helped me through all that was going on. It made me forget that I was even sick. The people that I met were amazing and they hold a special place in my heart providing this experience for me. The best moment for me was being out on the water and catching awesome fish.”
Ernesto US Navy Veteran
“I would like to take this time to write since I can express myself better this way…you guys are amazing. I truly mean that from the depths of my heart. As a Vet that is having issues with everyday life in trying to find myself, and dealing with PTSD, anxiety, pain, always being alert to every sound, people, etc. It was refreshing to be in a place that I was able to let my guard down and just relax. I can’t even remember the last time I could just kick back and not worry about anything at all and just enjoy myself. There are no words that could explain what you guys have done for me. I will forever hold you guys near and dear in my heart and I’m so proud to have you guys in my life and call you friends.”
Jose US Marine Veteran
“While on the trip for the first time in my military career I was actually able to let my guard down and relax. I am always tensed up and on alert. I’ve made some great friends that helped me and continue helping me. A sense of knowing that even though I may be physically disabled, that will not keep me down from doing what I want to do in life. I also have a sense of peace, also knowing that I am not alone out here.”
Edwin US Marine Veteran
“At the time I was offered the first trip, I was depressed, anxious, angry, and all these other adjectives that can’t really describe how I was just emotionally and spiritually unstable and down. I want you all to know that you are making a profound difference. You are all agents of change and I truly appreciate what you selflessly do for others, including myself.
You helped empower me to bring positive change to those around me. I want you to know that it was a life changing experience and even though it was hard to assimilate at the beginning, I found a way to relax and enjoy myself to the fullest because of all of you. I came back refreshed and motivated, and ready to become an example of the spirit of the “Spanish Fly”.”
Manny US Army Veteran
“I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be invited to fish with the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation and will never forget this amazing experience.”
Jose US Marine Veteran
“Readjusting to being back home from that therapeutic fishing trip smacked me in the face today!! I changed that negative vibe when I looked at picture of what was left of my fish, thank you tiger shark. I remember watching your dad’s show. What stuck out to me the most as kid was that someone with my name, Jose, was on TV and he was catching huge fish!! The closet I got to fishing was watching the Spanish Fly show on TV. I’m a father now of two young boys, Austin Josèph and Logan Josèph. Going on this trip and meeting Jose’s friends and family was very humbling and therapeutic. It’s a good feeling to know that thru what happened to Jose, something positive was able to come out of it. I’m forever thankful, and hope to be as cool as a dad as he was!!”
AJ US Army Veteran
“Bonding, venting, and reminiscing on old Army times made the trip extra special. Its amazing how soothing it was to the mind when we headed out deep sea fishing; It brought back memories as we all worked as a team giving each other guidance as one battled to pull in a fish.”
David US Marine Veteran
“I have sat here in front of my computer trying to gather the words and I didn’t know how difficult this could be to place on paper. The week that you provided to escape our troubles lifted such a great weight from my shoulders. It was more than a week, it was more than I could have ever imagined, it was to a fresh breath. To everyone that contributed to make that week happened I am so thankful. The joy of just being out on the water with the sun in our face, phones turned off, just focused on fishing and having a great time gave me a sense of peace I have been missing for a while. Since your trip I have focused to staying more on the water and refocusing on the important things that me smile and laugh. I am glad to have met you all and made great new friends. I would welcome you anytime and hope to see you again in the future.”
Diego US Army Veteran
“We always hear people specially politicians say how thankful they are for our service and how important we are to our nation but their action never match the kind word. While participating in all the activities Jose Wejebe Foundation had for us, I could sense that the many people that we were served by were real and truly were Thankful for Our Service … As we interacted in the activities that were all off the chart in every way … We all could feel the honesty, excitement and true care in their conversation and the interactions with us was real.”
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