All charter captains listed below follow the same ethics and practices that were so important to Jose. They have also generously donated their time and talent to the Foundation over the years and were uniquely inspired by the Spanish Fly spirit.

Captain Jared Cyr

Captain Jared Cyr is one of the truly exceptional shallow water guides in Key West. Jared’s knowledge of the “skinny” waters here in the backcountry of Key West is unequalled. Being a fourth generation native of the Keys and the son of a very accomplished Key West captain, gave Jared an advantage most can only dream of having.

“Growing up watching Jose on TV helped me appreciate how fortunate I am to have the Florida Keys as my home. Jose’s versatility, being able to fish inshore and offshore, inspired me to increase my knowledge of all waters around the Keys. I truly enjoy teaching people about our beautiful piece of paradise and all the unique experiences it has to offer, just like Jose did.”

Captain Brandon Cyr

For four generations Brandon’s family has lived in the Keys. He followed in his father’s footsteps becoming a guide just like his brother, Jared. They shared their first boat at the age of six, and started fly-fishing by eight. Now Brandon also operates a successful guiding business.

“It was so cool to watch someone share with the world the passion and respect for the ocean that my family lived by. Most TV shows, the host would just go to a spot and fish. Jose would explain everything, not just the basics but would go into detail to help the viewer understand why it was happening. Why the fish were in that particular spot, and most of the time include the entire ecosystem that led up to fish being in that area. It was inspiring. It felt reassuring that I was noticing the right things when I was out there. I’ll never forget when I was in 4th grade, my father was tired of guiding and thought that he would be happier in the woods. We moved to North Carolina.

After 6 months of snow and quite the scenery change on saltwater Saturdays, we were watching Jose catch sailfish off Key West like we had been doing our entire childhood. Watching Jose made us so homesick that my father looked at me and my brother and asked if we wanted to go home? Two weeks later we were back in Key West.”

Captain RT

Captain Robert “RT” Trosset is a light tackle guide based in Key West, Florida. In a career that has spanned more than 40 years, Trosset has fished in six of the world’s seven oceans, both inshore and off. In 1994, he became the first captain to lead clients to 100 International Game Fish Association world records, a feat that was recognized by the IGFA with a lifetime achievement award in 2006. He currently has 207 IGFA World records.

RT fished side by side with Jose over his career. “Not many guides do it all. Jose could fish for anything, and did it well; Offshore, back country, fly or light tackle. Jose could do it all.”

Captain Greg Poland

Greg is a native of South Florida and has guided many anglers to championships in some of the most prestigious flats fishing tournaments in the world. Greg has helped in the designs of two popular flats skiffs, including the Dolphin Superskiff, and most recently the Hell’s Bay Whipray. Greg is at home with the beginner as well as the tournament angler.

Greg and Jose fished together many times over the years, especially when it came to the upper Keys. “Jose always stayed humble and genuine to his roots. That’s why the guide community continued to look up to him. He was a true steward to our sport on and off TV.”

Captain Jim Sharpe

Seaboots Charters Captain Jim Sharpe has fished the waters of the Florida Keys and Bahamas for more than 50 years. He has written seven books on fishing including the best seller “Dolphin: the Perfect Gamefish”. He has decades of experience with everything from blue marlin over 850 pounds to wahoo, tuna, and mahi. Sea Boots boat is a 35 foot Sea Hunter with three 300 hp Yamaha’s top speed of 65 and cruise 40 miles per hour, designed for sight casting to iconic mahi and sailfish. Sea boots is located on Summerland Key just 20 miles north of Key West.

Jim and Jose lived on the same island for decades. Jim would often be a camera boat while filming “Spanish Fly”, and was one of Jose’s go-to experts for any offshore fishing intel. You can hear Jose talking to Jim over the VHF radio on many episodes over the years while filming in the Keys.

Captain Bear Holeman

Captain Bryan “Bear” Holeman is fun loving and super fishy. His larger than life personality and jovial attitude make him a blast to fish with, as evidenced by his numerous repeat anglers. If you’re looking for a guide that doesn’t ooze the super serious “Keys guide” mentality, he’s your man.

Jose fished with Bear on a few episodes of Spanish Fly, and if you’ve seen the shows you know why having Bear as a captain insures a great time on the water!

Captain Griff Helwig

Captain Grif is a native Floridian from Jacksonville. He grew up fishing in Northeast Florida. His grandfather, Colonel Crosby, put a fly rod in his hand at an early age, artfully dodging Grif’s casts. Years later Grif has fished in Alaska, the Caribbean an Central America before making a home in the Keys. Captain Grif’s on the water philosophy is simple; Safety, fun, fish. Come to Key West and enjoy a relaxed fun- filled day on the water.

“Like many of us the Spanish Fly TV show was a big inspiration for me. Jose’s willingness to share his knowledge, and help others really shined through. When I moved to Key West I occasionally ran into him at his favorite sushi bar. He would bring fish he had caught and share it with anyone who was there. He was easily approachable and engaging with everyone he talked with. Losing Jose was truly a sad day for all of us. I only hope I can help and inspire a fraction of the people Jose did.”

Captain Chris Mendola

Captain Chris Mendola has over 25 years of experience fishing and diving in the waters off the Florida Keys. He’s won multiple offshore tournaments in Key West, and the Bahamas. Offshore, reef and daytime sword fishing are Chris’s specialties. He’s also a very experienced free diver, spearfisherman, and scuba diver.

“Growing up as a kid fishing with my dad out of Murray’s Marina, I always saw Jose and the Spanish Fly boat. I would see his catches and be so envious. Growing up I always aspired to be as good as him. His passion for the ocean was endless, and I feel the same way. I loved watching the show and hoped to fish with him one day. Unfortunately that day never came, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have fished on his boat with numerous JWF recipients. His legacy will live on.”

Captain Robbie Delph

Robbie Delph is a captain out of Key West. He started guiding at the age of 19 following in his father’s (Ralph Delph), footsteps. Twenty five years later setting his own path fishing from South Florida to Cape Cod, as well as field testing for many companies, Captain Robbie has earned great respect from other captains on the water.

“For 25 years I have fished from Key West to Cape Cod just like Jose. Jose had a vision at a young age to take the fishing world by storm. He set his mind and set goals to achieve what he earned. His goal was to teach and educate other people that liked to fish and explore the world as he did. Jose had always treated me as a friend. People love Jose because he didn’t expect their respect. He earned it.”

Captain Shane Smith

Often you wonder why someone with obvious talent, enthusiasm and wit becomes a fishing guide? It’s for the love of the sport, the art of guiding and the joy in sharing with others a passion for the outdoors. Shane guided in the high mountains of Colorado, big game fished the Central American Pacific, waded the watery haunts of the Caribbean, and somehow landed in the Keys.

“I’ve spent most of my life fishing. The rest was just wasted! Jose inspired me with his amazing ability to balance his worldwide popularity with just being one of the bros. It was almost as if he was embarrassed by his own fame. Before I knew him, he inspired me with his on camera talent making me believe I was right there with him during his fishing conquests. He taught me that no matter what situation fishing puts us in, that it’s still “only fishing” and not get too overwhelmed or serious about it. We always laughed first, and then worried about the fish. The sidesplitting laughter we shared on board was always equally as memorable as what we caught.”

Captain Nate Wheeler

A born and raised native to the Florida Keys and Iraq War veteran, Captain Nate Wheeler is a very personable and energetic guide with an extreme passion for all types of fishing. Based out of Summerland Key, Nate specializes in both inshore and offshore live bait fishing, as well as light tackle/fly fishing on the flats.

Being a resident of the Keys and friends with Jose’s daughter got Nate on the water with Jose a few times. “Here I am with a legend on my boat. On one hand I was always so nervous, but Jose just had such a relaxed attitude about catching fish. It was more about the company on the boat, and just having a good time. When we jumped a tarpon and it came off he would say what a cool jump that was instead of a few choice words about losing the fish. I always try and remember that.”

Captain Gabe Nyblad

Raised in West Michigan fishing trout, salmon and steelhead, Gabe has been fishing for as long as he can remember. From Alaska to the Florida Keys he is a well-rounded guide, always keeping himself busy. It wasn’t that he originally planned to be a full time guide and travel around the country like a nomadic fish, but somehow it just happened. There isn’t much Captain Gabe enjoys more than being on the water and helping anglers fulfill their fishing dreams.

“Jose’s vast knowledge of all the different species in the saltwater and techniques to target them definitely inspired me. I challenged myself to learn about as many species as possible and all the different techniques to catch them. Don’t be a one trick pony. He inspired me to try and replicate his fun, upbeat, optimistic, energetic attitude and personality while on the boat and around people. The couple times I did talk with him at the Square Grouper or Wharf restaurants he didn’t show an ego. Instead, he gave me advice, listened and just acted like the down to earth guy I admired watching on TV. He also motivated me to not put on a front and just be who I am.”

Captain Michelle Morris

Spearfishing in Key West Florida! Captain Michelle moved to the Florida Keys with her family in 1978. As a young girl she was given the job of carrying the catch bag for the boys to put their lobster and fish they had speared in. She decided then and there that she would run her own boat one day and would no longer be left “holding the bag”. She started out with a small Carolina skiff and continually upgraded the size and capabilities of each boat she owned. Fishing, freediving, spearfishing and lobstering are all part of her love for the ocean. When she is not booked for a charter, it is likely you will find her on the water enjoying time with her family and friends. She has enjoyed spearfishing for over 15 years where she earned her nickname “hogdog” for all of the hogfish that crossed her path. Captain Michelle is one of the few female charter boat captains in the Florida Keys, and on top of that she does it all; Lobster, spearfishing, reef, back country, and offshore. If you want to get wet Michelle is one of the best!

“I remember when I got my first offshore boat and was coming back to the marina. The wind was blowing and I was having a hard time. While all the other captains were just laughing at me as a female captain, Jose came by and was giving me step by step instructions in the kindest manner. Whenever I saw Jose or think about him now, he makes me want to be a better person.”

Captain Jack Carlson

Jack Carlson was born and raised in Marathon, Florida Keys and started Two Conchs Charters right after college in the mid 1990’s. While guiding in the Keys you couldn’t help knowing who Captain Jose Wejebe was. Occasionally you would see him passing on the water, but you would always see him on TV. Jose inspired Jack as a fishing guide and wanting to become a TV Personality as well. Jose’s passion for the sport showed on TV and in the community.

Today Jack and his boys, Captain Austin and Captain JC, have their own TV Show on the Outdoor Channel, the Sportsman Channel and on the World Fishing Network. While owning and operating a fleet of over 20 boats, the Two Conchs consists of more than 20 top notch guides who put their clients on the fish. They give back to the community all the time maintaining the same sense of stewardship that defined Spanish Fly.