Our Mission

The Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation’s mission is to honor Jose’s legacy by honoring his passion for education, conservation and making fishing dreams come true.

Why a foundation?

JWF was formed after the passing of legendary angler and host of the immensely popular fishing show Spanish Fly. Throughout his life he gave back on and off camera. Whether is was granting a kids wish to fish with him through Make a Wish, to donating his time to raise funds for an numerous organizations. After his passing in 2012 friends, family members, and piers in the fishing industry joined forces to honor his legacy and keep his memory alive.

What does a fishing dream include?

If recipients are out of town (outside of Monroe County) accommodations, travel, food, fishing, and other related activities are paid for. *alcohol is not included and will be at recipients own expense.

If recipient resides in Monroe County fishing, food, and other related activities are included. Locals have the chance to fish multiple times throughout the year to gain the knowledge and education they need so they can engage year round.

Who is eligible?

An individual who has experienced a life impacting challenge, is a minimum of three years of age, and a US citizen. Family members are included, but limited to JWF discretion.

Life impacting challenges include but are not limited to medical challenges, military, and tragedy. Really anyone who can benefit from leaving reality at the dock and benefit from the healing power of our waters and living in the moment.

If needed after the individual is referred, the JWF reserves the right to request documentation directly from the individual’s physician to determine if a fishing dream is safe, and if there are any essential accommodations.  No other confidential medical information is required.

JWF also reserves the right to deny an individual without an explanation.

Please understand that as a nonprofit we have a responsibly to our donors to approve those through a thorough discretionary process.

How are recipients chosen?

Recipients will have to be recommended through our referral process. People who can refer include the following;

  • Medical professionals (typically a doctor, nurse, social worker or child-life specialist)
  • A Notary confirming the individual’s challenge
  • Former recipients
  • Family members, friends, or community members with detailed knowledge of the individual’s life impacting challenge

After the referral is completely JWF does require certain documentation depending on their circumstance. Death certificates, medical documentation, military service documentation, letter from social workers ect.

All documentation is kept internally and will not be shared. Documentation can vary on a case-by-case bases.

When can you go?

As mother nature heavily impacts the daily fishing and coastal lifestyle activities, we will do our best to facilitate the best experience possible. Please be aware of different fishing seasons, hurricane season, species closures, and the availability of captains may limit your experience.

We do our best to accommodate individual’s schedules in respect to our community in the Keys and what is available at that time.

Referral Inquiry Form

This is the first step to receiving a fishing dream – it is not confirmation of eligibility. The information will be forwarded and someone from our team will contact you.

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The mission of the Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation is to honor Jose’s legacy by matching his passion for conservation, education, and making fishing dreams come true.

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