“The Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation has been such a blessing to our family. After Bode was diagnosed with Leukemia in April 2022, life has been topsy turvy to say the least. Managing what feels like a decade in the hospital with Bode, while also maintaining the lives of a 6th grader and twin 4 year olds, has really sucked all of the life out of us. We try to maintain as much normalcy as we can, but it’s difficult. Things started coming back together a little bit in June as we settled into the maintenance phase of treatment but we really needed something to give us reprieve from our terrors.

When Krissy reached out and offered us this trip, it was met with excitement, relief, and nervousness. The fear of planning something more than a day in advance is real, but Krissy assured us that we would have an amazing time and she would be able to work around our needs. As luck would have it, the Flu struck our family 5 days before our trip, and then Bode was admitted to the hospital the day before we were scheduled to leave. Krissy didn’t flinch, she rearranged everything for us to be able to come as soon as we got the green light.

Once we were there, everything was perfect. The house on the canal, the fishing off the sea wall, the chartered boats from Captain Paul at Big Pine Beach Bum Charters, the dolphin encounter at Dolphin Research Center, the turtle hospital, and the aquarium were all magical. The charter on Wednesday on our first full day in the Keys was the first time that we have taken a breath and felt at peace in over 18 months. It sent us back to a time where we were the Wyatt’s and not the cancer kids family. People weren’t staring at us with sad eyes or trying to start uncomfortable conversations about dealing with cancer. We were just on a really fun vacation and everything was perfect! We owe it all to the Jose Wejebe Foundation! Thank you for being our friends and treating us like family!” — The Wyatts