This summer we hosted our second women’s only trip with the Pink Ladies Fishing Team. Carolyn, (undergoing treatment for breast cancer), along with her friends Tonya and Gina drove down from Pompano Beach. Aside from a great time on the water with these ladies we made a genuine connection which I believe will grow and benefit the foundations future.

Personally I’ve never been a “girls girl”, and while I have some of the highest quality female friends one could ask for they would agree. So with an all-women’s group I wasn’t sure how well we would all click. Well when I met Carolyn, Tonya, and Gina we definitely clicked. Foul mouth, not too girly, down to get dirty my kind of ladies. Best of all, I was able to get one of the most badass captains down here Michelle Morris to show these ladies all different aspects of the water down here in the Keys.

Fishing was a little slow, but Captain Michelle has a wealth of knowledge on the water, so they were able to experience a bit of everything. From yellowtail to the dinner table, hidden creeks through the mangroves, tickle stick and lobster (we released them as it was out of season), to speargun fishing. The ladies came out of their comfort zone and let Michelle lead the way. I was able to join them for one day on the boat, and what a treat.

Gina who is probably the softest spoken one out of the group had a massive nurse shark on the line, and my goodness the things that came out of her mouth while she fought that fish were hysterical and definitely not appropriate for me to share. Most of us have been there though right? She was also sure to point out that she had gotten the biggest of all the snapper. Tonya who is an avid angler, but not too comfortable in the water broke through and tried spearfishing for the first time. Carolyn was eager and ready to try it all. While she is still receiving treatment she doesn’t let that hold her back.

It was a good thing we did the Extreme Shark Tour Adventures on the last day, because I’m not sure if they would have gotten in the water after seeing that many sharks. They were wowed by the food at the Square Grouper, South of the Seven, and the Docks, and even enjoyed the company of my two crazy boys.

We actually know a lot of the same people, and places in the Pompano, and as it turns out they know the gentleman who bought and restored Jose’s old 32 Sea Craft. His name is Michael owner of Marine Maintenance Managers in Pompano. He had offered to host an event for us in the area, and the Pink Ladies are helping us in huge ways with organizing the event.

Carolyn owns Altastrax a GPS Boat company and I was able to see her again at ICAST. The Welcome Party that we have there was attended with some of our former recipients, and it was very special to have Jenn and Tosha meet Carolyn and listen to them exchange stories about their experiences. I love what I do, but sometimes its very emotional and to take a step back and see the impact that JWF has had on peoples lives makes it all worth it.

After I got back from ICAST there was a very kind letter here waiting for me from them. All three ladies wrote “We can’t wait to help you continue to help more fishing dreams come true.” So mark your calendars for December 2 for the first annual Spanish Fly Sleigh Party.