Historically I will write up something for our newsletters and website sharing a recipients experience down here in the Keys. Every now and then and in this case Robert shares it from his perspective. Only thing I would like to add is that you could truly feel the love with this family. It’s a true privilege to be a part of their experience.
To the Jose Wejebe Foundation.

My name is Robert Avery. I am a retired United States Air Force and Army Veteran. I retried after 23 years of Active, Reserve, and Guard Service. My military service was a blessing to my life; however, my tours of duties to Baghdad caused lasting scars and memories that will be with me for the rest of my days. I currently have clinically diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), major depression, and migraine headaches from my life-threatening experiences while deployed for almost a year in 2007. I am currently 90% rated disabled by the VA. One thing about the scars is that most of the Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines are not visible.

My mental health struggles over the last few years have harmed my relationship with and interactions with my wife and children. There have been low and dark moments over the previous few months when life has been challenging, and I did not want to continue. I cannot say thank you enough to the Jose Wejebe Foundation! This foundation and what it provided for my family and me gave me a spark for life! The Jose Wejebe Foundation provided us with a week in Key West and a few fishing days. To see my kids and wife light up as we spent quality time on the boat and learning how to fish was priceless and life-changing. To see the smiles on the little ones’ faces was pure joy, enough to overshadow some of the low moments. Moments like the ones we shared on this trip because the Jose Wejebe Foundation donated to my family motivated me to continue.

Our family bonded on this trip. My kids talked about how much fun they had, and my wife and I got closer. She teared up after the trip and said we are in a good space right now, and it feels great. It was heartwarming. To the sponsors of the Jose Wejebe Foundation, Thank you as well. Your donations could save a Veteran’s Life. Being out on that water fishing was so therapeutic. I felt such a sense of calm and peace that it made me forget about my troubles. So please accept my profound gratefulness and appreciation for The Jose Webeje Foundation and its donors.